The First Bike With An Integrated Lock
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World's First Universal Integrated Bicycle Lock

Providing an innovative bottom bracket anti-theft system

Not Your Regular Bike Lock

BluLocks is an elegant system that fits neatly inside the saddle tube. The mechanism blocks the pedals and locks the plug-in chain in one smooth turn of the key. To access the lock you would have to breach the frame, making the bicycle worthless. We prelaunched the product in our BluLocks original bike.

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Be the first to receive our locking system integrated into the BluLocks original bike. Normally you would have to buy a bike and an expensive lock. Now you get a beautiful bike with an exceptional integrated lock.

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How to steal a bike

Without BluLocks

With BluLocks

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Not your ordinary lock

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The Team

We love bicycles. As we are Dutch, this passion comes naturally. In Holland there are almost as many bicycles stolen as sold each year. Existing locks do not provide a permanent solution. Therefore our goal is ending worldwide bike theft.

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