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We are two mechanical engineers. We like to dream about finding solutions, but our real joy comes from really solving the problem. As we are from the Netherlands we naturally have a love for bicycles. We complement each other with different skillsets, making us a good team. However, our company couldn’t be a success without the help of our partners and of course all of our BluLocks friends.

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Where it all started

It all started when one of us had his sixth bicycle stolen in a little over a year. Bike theft soon became a popular subject for our conversations. How could it be possible that a universal solution to this problem didn’t exist? Each year 15 million bicycles are stolen worldwide, but still no one found a solution. As we are mechanical engineers we made it our mission to solve this problem.

We started off with sketching a few simple solutions that came to our mind. Our first idea was to remove a whole part of the frame, which revealed a hidden chain inserted into one of the tubes of the frame. Soon it turned out this design had a lot of flaws. Fortunately, we didn’t give up. At this point we have made over a dozen separate designs and a couple of prototypes. Our first prototype cost us over 15 broken saw blades and its final version included duck-tape (send an email for pictures).

At the moment we are still developing the system. We are supported with resources from the Technical University of Delft. On top of that we have designed the BluLocks original bike to prelaunch the product.

We try to surround ourselves with people who are enthusiastic and are willing to give feedback and expand our network. If you have suggestions or question, contact us! We really appreciate your opinion.

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