The Product

The lock is designed to be fitted in every bicycle available. The system fits neatly in the seat tube of the bicycle and has two main functions, it blocks the pedals and it locks the pin of the plug-in chain. With the plug-in chain you can attach the bike to external objects like trees, poles or other bikes.

In order to prelaunch the product we have designed the BluLocks original bike. It is still available as a limited edition.

How it works

The plug-in chain can be inserted in a small hole in the frame, going into the locking mechanism. Then you simply turn the key to lock the plug-in chain and pedals. Even if a thief would cut the chain, the bike would remain useless. The remains of the plug-in chain would still dangle out of the frame and the crank remains locked. Removing the whole system would take a lot of effort including cutting, grinding and welding. Even after this tremendous procedure the bike would be permanently damaged. It's just not worth stealing this bike.

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Product Specifications

Frame Steel
Wheel set 700C double high walled alloy rim/ stainless steel spokes
Rear hub Novatec Sealed bearing Flip / Flop hub
Front Hub Novatec Sealed bearing front hub
Stem Zoom
Head set VP
Tires CST Czar 700 x 25C EPS puncture protection
Saddle Velo sports saddle
Front & rear brake Promax alloy caliper brake RC 469
Chain KMC chrome chain
Chainwheel / Crankset Lasco
Pedals Birota Sealed bearings / wellgo toe clips / white straps
Grips Velo White grips
Seat post Zoom
Handle bar Zoom stainless steel handle bar
Fasteners Stainless steel hexagon
Weight Aprox. 11,2 KG
Packing 60% assembled

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